Is your fleet ready for winter?

Posted: 27 Januray 2021

A recent survey revealed that 48% of drivers have ignored warning lights, repairs, or car maintenance throughout 2020.* Now that we're in winter, along with the Government stopping the six-month MOT extension, it’s critical that fleet managers service their fleets and prepare them for cold months ahead.

It's worth arranging your MOTs and services well in advance of their expiry dates, as many garages are already busier than usual as result of the first lockdown. Like many businesses, they’ve introduced Covid-safe ways of operating , such as no-contact handovers and vehicles being wiped down before and after they’ve been worked on, so your drivers should feel at ease booking their vehicles in.
This sounds obvious, but you don’t want your drivers to get stranded in the cold -  always get them to check there’s enough fuel/charge for their long journeys. 
Low oil levels can cause a vehicle to breakdown or lead to serious engine damage - ensure your drivers keep their oil topped up.

Ensure your drivers check their coolant levels; too little could lead to a frozen engine or overheating.

Screen wash should be regularly topped up and ideally it should contain an anti-freeze which is effective down to at least -15 degrees Celsius.

Tyres should be checked for pressure levels and general wear; such as cracks, splits or bulges, and most importantly, tread depth. Although the minimum tread level is 1.6mm, during winter it’s advisable to have 3mm of tread to help with traction and grip.

The rubber on windscreen wipers can also be prone to splits so its important that these are checked too to ensure they’re fit for purpose.

Again, it sounds obvious but your drivers should check their vehicles’ lights are working and the fittings are clean, it’s essential for them to see and be seen. 

Vehicle batteries have to work twice as hard during the winter months. If the vehicle’s battery is over four years old it may be reaching the end of its life and it could let your driver down.

*Survey of 2,004 UK motorists aged 18-65 conducted between 20th – 28th October by DooPoll on behalf of Figures rounded.