Gigging- do’s and don’ts

Published 20 September 2019
Arrive early – allow plenty of time to warm up and to suss out the layout of the venue. Make sure you instruments are tuned and ready to go for sound check.
Practice beforehand – as you normally would, but spend a little more time focusing on the performance aspect of your playing, not just your technique. Also make note of your running order so you feel prepared on stage.
Be friendly – Always be friendly with the people around you, sound engineers, lighting, stage, venue, they’re the ones who help make your gig stress free.
Rush – don’t waste your energy by running to the stage late and out of breath. Practice some deep breathing and run through your pieces in your head. 
Panic – making a mistake during a performance is an unsettling feeling, but try not to panic and run off stage, it’s part of being a performer. Remember that the audience is on your side, and they’re rooting for you to do well.
Leave awkward silences - Nothing is worse than the silence of a room when a band is between songs. Try to promote your band/next gig/album. Tell a joke. Tell a story. Keep the crowd entertained!
Protect your instrument/equipment by getting a quote online.