If you've already selected automatic renewal for your policy, then you don't need to do anything. Your policy will renew and your next payment will be debited on the renewal date using the same payment method as last year.

If you'd like to change the payment method, please  log into your account and select the 'Renewal, Make changes’ tile to update your payment preference.

If you haven't selected automatic renewal, you can renew your policy in your Allianz Car Insurance account. On your account homepage, select the 'auto-renew' option in the top banner and continue from there - you'll also be able to change your payment method. The payment will not be debited until the renewal date.

If you'd like to change form paying annually to paying monthly (eligibility criteria applies) then please select the 'renewal, make changes' tile and save any changes you make. If you've not set up automatic renewal, you'll then need to proceed to the 'auto-renew' option in the top banner to confirm that you wish to renew the policy.

You'll receive an email 30 days prior to your renewal date, at which point, you can view your renewal price in your online account.

At this stage you'll also be able to make any changes and check that all your details are up to date and correct for the next year.

When it comes to pricing, our experts analyse a number of factors; from changes in your personal circumstances, to industry or legislation changes.

As Allianz Car Insurance is an online only product, we always put our best price forward and are unable to reduce a renewal quote or offer any price matching services.

To check if your policy is set to renew automatically, please  log in to your account and follow the below steps:

  1. Select ‘account details’.
  2. Click the ‘edit renewal preferences’ button.
  3. Check which option is selected.

You can change this option at any time up until your renewal date.

You can find proof of your No Claim Discount on page 6 of your renewal invite.

If you cancel mid-term, your NCD will be shared with you on your cancellation document.

Your proof of NCD will contain: 

  • The vehicle attached to the discount.
  • The number of years the NCD was protected.
  • The policy end/cancellation date.

It depends what you're claiming for and if you opted for Protected NCD (PNCD).

Whether you make just one claim or multiple claims, if you have Protected NCD, you won’t lose your discount.

If you didn’t protect your NCD, your discount will be reduced in line with our 'step back rules' which you’ll find in your car insurance policy document.

There are some other instances where a claim won't have affected your NCD - even if you don't have PNCD. For example:

  • You were involved in an accident that wasn't your fault and we recovered the cost from the at-fault insurer.
  • You have paid an excess for getting a chipped windscreen sorted.

It’s worth remembering that even if you have PNCD and make a claim (whether fault or non-fault), your premium can still increase at renewal.

Yes, you’ll be able to protect your NCD after building it up four years.

Simply log in to your account, select ‘Your renewal, make changes’ and continue from there.