Complete Cargo

To protect goods whilst in transit worldwide or in storage in the UK; traded digitally.

Single transit values up to £2.5m or annual values up to £50m (UK) or £62m (import/export worldwide).
Covers loss or damage to goods unless otherwise excluded.
General average & salvage, war risks, terrorism, exhibition risks and airfreight replacement subject to terms & conditions.
Covers loss or damage to goods whilst held in storage at up to 10 UK locations.
Easy self-serve issuance of certificates anywhere in the world through our online system.
24/7 advice on health and safety and business continuity matters. 

Complete Cargo is suitable for a wide range of businesses from suppliers and exporters/importers to retailers and wholesalers.

Preferred trades:

  • contractors
  • exporters
  • importers
  • manufacturers
  • retailers
  • suppliers
  • wholesalers.
Access policy wording and proposal form, as well as previous wordings. 
Our full cycle trading platform allows you to quote, buy, amend and renew Complete Cargo all at the touch of a button, with instant electronic documentation.
Marine Cargo can be flexibly combined with our core product and casualty products as well as our motor fleet solutions.
Our experienced team of risk surveyors can survey storage locations around the UK and help your customers manage their risk.
Claims handling team of dedicated marine experts ensuring customers get a fast, personalised service when needed.

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