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Motor Fleet insurance


We provide extensive cover for a variety of vehicles and uses, including EVs, all under one policy.

Lifetime guarantee on repairs

Our nationwide approved repairer network provides a lifetime guarantee on all repairs.

Tailored to your customers' needs

We can package your customers' fleet risks with the property, casualty and speciality lines covers they need.

Vehicle repair tracking

Your customers can track the progress of repairs when the vehicle is at one of our approved repairers.
Further product information for policies which have incepted or renewed before the 30 September 2021 are available from our Document Download Centre
Cover highlights

  • Third party liability - unlimited indemnity for death or injury 
  • Third party liability - indemnity for accidental damage to other persons property; £20,000,000 in respect of private cars and £10,000,000 for all other vehicles
  • Comprehensive electric vehicle cover - including third party liability during charging and damage for cables and connectors and electric wallbox located at insured's premises and employees' homes 
  • New for old – cover for private cars or goods carrying vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes, if less than one year old and damaged beyond 50% of their list price
  • Personal accident – cover for drivers, with £10,000 indemnity per incident
  • Accidental misfuelling – cover to drain the fuel tank and rectify any subsequent damage
  • In-vehicle safety technology – up to £250 for equipment such as dash-cams
  • Replacement locks – unlimited cover if vehicle keys have been lost or stolen
  • Child seat – like for like replacement cover
  • Legal protection – cover up to £100,000 for uninsured loss recovery and motor prosecution defence
  • Personal belongings – up to £500 per incident
  • Medical expenses – up to £500 per person for anyone injured in the insured vehicle, subject to a maximum of £2,000 per incident
  • Driving abroad - territorial limits apply
  • Unauthorised movement - policy cover for the movement of vehicles impeding legitimate access or exit
  • Volunteering - cover for employees using their company vehicle to support the NHS, Trussell Trust or IFAN (Independent Food Aid Network) recognised charities with the insured‘s agreement
  • Occasional business use – cover for private cars owned by or loaned to an employee
  • Psychological support (optional extension) – for up to eight sessions of treatment following an accident for the driver and any passengers


Risk appetite

  • Established businesses with a minimum of three years confirmed claims experience 
  • Private car schedules not dominated by high performance vehicle 
  • Commercial vehicles used for the carriage of own goods 
  • Fleets that do not change insurer on an annual basis

These are our preferred types of risks but we’re happy to discuss other cases too.


  • Dedicated fleet claims handlers - supported by rehabilitation and fraud investigation teams
  • 24/7/365 claims reporting - digitally via Allianz Claims Hub, phone or email
  • Real-time claims updates - validation, liability and repair progression updates via Allianz Claims Hub
  • Live chat - our online messaging system via Allianz Claims Hub
  • Digital document transfer - video footage or imagery can be uploaded in support of a claim via Allianz Claims Hub
  • Excess suppression - when a third party is at fault and their insurer is identified, we'll waive the damage excess
  • Driver notification app - Allianz Notify can be used to notify a claim and capture third party driver details

Why choose Allianz?

  • Underwriting expertiseOur fleet underwriters are industry experts and have high levels of local underwriting authority and experience. 
  • Flexible solutions - We're flexible and can offer long-term agreements, non-conventional deals and premium finance.
  • Dedicated Claims Manager - For your larger customers, we provide a dedicated Claims Relationship Manager.
  • Case Analysis Tool (CAT) - To help your larger customers identify where their fleet is most at risk. It provides a breakdown of their accident experiences, allowing trends to be recognised so that remedial action can be put in place.
  • International fleets - We operate in over 70 countries and can accommodate international fleets through our broad range of multi-national solutions
  • Allianz Motor Insurance Database - Website and helpdesk providing immediate access to maintain vehicle data at allianzmid.co.uk.
  • Free windscreen repairs - Providing a lifetime guarantee - and if the windscreen can be repaired, as opposed to replaced, there’s no excess to pay.
  • Excess suppression - When a third party is at fault and their insurer is identified, we’ll waive the damage excess.
  • Discounts on motor fleet products and services from third party suppliers, including:
    -    DriveTech – EV driver and fleet manager training and support
    -    Lightfoot – live EV driver coaching and fuel saving tool 
    -    VUE – CCTV in-vehicle camera solutions 
    -    TRACKER Network UK (Ltd) – discounted stolen vehicle recovery systems 
  • Business support helpline - Offering guidance on health, safety, environmental, cyber security and business continuity.

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