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For clients with overseas risks and exposures, our preferred approach is to issue Local Policies via the Allianz network, in the territories where the risks are situated, creating a Multinational Program of Insurance.
  • Offers your client the possibility of accessing special local covers, such as Natural Catastrophe funds, Workers Compensation and Terrorism
  • Policies are issued in the local language
  • The policy will be processed locally, meeting all local fiscal requirements
  • Local risk management, insurance surveys and advice services can be provided.
  • Notification and handling will be in the overseas territory where the claim event occurred
  • Settlements paid directly to the local company where the loss takes place
  • Claims can be paid to the local subsidiary and in local currency alleviating any exchange rate losses.


Multinational Programs of Insurance can be created by issuing Stand Alone Policies, a Centrally Controlled Master Program, or a mixture of both. 
For client’s with less complex needs, or for those who wish to have less central control over their program of insurance, a locally admitted policy issued by an Allianz office or strategic service partner, provides clients with a fully compliant insurance solution.


Where client’s needs or more complex, local policies are issued by Allianz offices or strategic partners, and covers are aligned and integrated. Master policies including DIC/DIL coverage may be issued to further tailor the solution.

Our network combines the services of Allianz-owned companies in more than 70 countries with selected network partners in others. The result is international insurance coverage in well over 200 countries and territories.


For further information please contact your local Allianz business representative or find a branch.

For companies with incidental overseas exposures within the EU, we have developed two Multinational products. These two products are based on the EU Freedom of Service legislation.

(Should the UK leave the EU without a deal, or a deal that does not include Freedom of Service, we will cease to offer these as multinational insurance options)

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For larger corporate risks, cover is provided by our sister company in the UK,
Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality (AGCS).
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