Engineering, Construction and Power

From our wide range of multi-class insurance covers, dedicated underwriters, to our award winning claims team and the largest network of engineer surveyors, our Engineering, Construction & Power proposition is led by experts so that your customers will be supported at every touchpoint.
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Our innovative insurance products provide cover for a wide range of items such as computer software/hardware, plant and heavy machinery offering protection against deterioration of stock, unforeseen breakdown, repair, replacement and financial losses to the business.


Cover is available on an 'all risks' basis with various optional extras so that your client can meet their contractual obligations while protecting their investment in the project and any constructional plant they own or hire.

We also offer insurance to protect your clients construction business and its property and activities.


Our Renewable Power proposition gives you a one-stop-shop solution. We provide comprehensive Construction All Risks and Operational All Risks cover, with associated Public Liability and Business Interruption cover available, alongside a number of other optional covers.

Engineering trade guide

Our Engineering Trade Guide is an interactive PDF which helps you to quickly identify the potential insurance needs your client might have.

As you click on each trade, you'll be taken to a dedicated PDF which details the engineering insurance covers and services that could be relevant.

You can download the full Engineering Trade Guide, as well as single page PDFs for each trade.

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