How the big stars became big!

Published 07 February 2020
As we know The Beatles are one of the most influential bands of all time, they played a huge part in the growth of 1960’s music and the recognition of rock and pop music.
  • Let your fans in - The Beatles were a tightly knit group who gave their fans an insight into each member of the band, previously other bands emphasised individuals and didn’t showcase everyone’s talents and personalities. If you’re in a group make sure to showcase everyone, show your fans who you all are. If you’re an individual musician get your personality across to your fans, engage with them with all you have.
  • Hard days and night – Some of the first gigs The Beatles performed were not as glamourous as you might think, getting your music out there and doing as many gigs as you can is really important when starting out as a professional musician.
  • Eight days a week – As you know, practice is key. The Beatles’ work schedule was jam packed with rehearsals, performances, but also spending time writing and creating new music.
  • Confidence – Be confident in your performance. After putting in so much hard work, The Beatles became more and more confident about their music and themselves. This led to more people, including labels, producers, agents and their fans, becoming more confident in them and their music.
  • Don’t let rejection stop you - The Beatles were rejected by Decca Records saying ‘guitar groups were on the way out' – that didn’t stop them! Although it’s disappointing, it’s important to build your music, listen to feedback and believe in yourself as a musician.
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