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Introducing greater protection for our musical insurance customers

Published 29 July 2022

Just as the wedding and music festival season truly gets underway, we’re pleased to announce the introduction of two new legal templates designed to protect the interests of bands and musical performers.

Available through Allianz Legal Assistance, these new templates enable musicians to prepare legal documents quickly and simply, and specify the contractual obligations and deliverables of both band members and clients.

Read more about them below.

Music performance agreement

  • You can use this agreement when a band or individual performer is hired to perform at a party or other private or business function/event (e.g. weddings, birthdays, work events, etc.). It can be used by either the performer or the hirer but is not suitable for use if the performance will be ticketed.
  • Areas covered include:

  • Single or multiple performances
  • Payment arrangements (including the performance fee, and options for a deposit, expenses, late payment interest and cancellation charges)
  • Responsibility for performing rights licenses
  • Whether video/audio recordings are allowed
  • Rehearsal options
  • Technical requirements and specifications
  • Insurance and indemnity issues
  • Whether facilities/refreshments must be provided

Band members' agreement

If two or more people perform music together with the intention of making a profit, this usually creates a band members’ agreement, referred to in legal terms as a general partnership. This band members’ agreement is a type of partnership agreement, which can be used to regulate the partnership and the relationship between the band members.

Areas covered include:

  • What's expected of each band member
  • How band leading tasks will be managed
  • How administrative tasks will be managed
  • How decisions are made and who makes them
  • Whether and when the band members will be expected to contribute cash
  • The band members' rights to a share of the cash, profits and royalties and how that's calculated
  • How new band members can join
  • What happens if a band member leaves
  • The circumstances in which a band member can be expelled from the band
  • Accounting and banking procedures

To create either of these documents, simply visit which you have access to as part of your Allianz insurance policy, and register using the code that was included in your policy pack. Once registered, you can complete the documents easily online at a time and place that suits you. Once finalised, the documents can be downloaded, printed, and stored in your secure online legal account.

What’s more, as an Allianz customer, you also get access to a wide range of legal document templates relevant to your personal and family life, such as wills, powers of attorney and consumer complaint letters.

Log into your Allianz legal portal to explore and utilise these and many more documents available to Allianz customers today Allianz Legal Assistance.