Allianz Advertising

Allianz school run TV advert

The commercial features the individual pressures that we all face with the school run.

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Model T to TT – The back story

Allianz Insurance started business in 1890 in Munich, which is located near to some major car manufacturers – this proximity has led to Allianz having a close association with the automotive industry and insuring cars.

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Satellites to Satnavs – The back story

Allianz SpaceCo are the Allianz experts in space and satellite insurance. Since 2004, they have specialised in satellite insurance and are now global leaders in this rapidly growing field.

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Allianz Arena – The back story

Allianz was founded in Munich in 1890 and has a long association with the city – it has been the home of its global headquarters for the last 50 years. Since the arena’s inception in 2002, Allianz has been proud to be associated with one of the most innovative and exciting stadiums in the world. 

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Golden Gate Bridge - The back story

Mega-projects need courage, dependability and innovation in insurance underwriting. On May 27 2012, one of the world's most famous bridges – the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco – celebrated its 75 anniversary.

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