People management

Taking care of the people involved in your business shouldn't ever be seen as just an exercise to avoid the costs associated with sickness absence, claims and high staff turnover.

In workplaces where there is an impression that the wellbeing of the workforce and its customers is looked after, you will most likely find that morale in the business is good and that this has a positive knock-on impact for productivity.

Use the guidance given in these pages to ensure you're doing all you can to manage the needs of your workers, customers and visitors:
Identify the key functions in your business and work out the damage that interruption could do.
Find information on regulations that you and your business may need to comply with.
A-Z of legislation
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You may find the information on these pages useful when considering how you manage people involved with your business:
Frequently asked questions
Find answers to some common queries about the management of people that interact with your organisation.
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