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Not only does keeping your property, stock and cash secure prevent it from being stolen, it can also reduce the risk of violence towards your employees by deterring potential thieves..
We’ve partnered with Insafe, who specialise in the supply of cash safes, security cabinets, vaults and strong rooms, supported by a nation wide network of safe engineers and master locksmiths, available 24/7/365. Safes are designed not only to prevent theft of the contents, but also to protect them against fire.
  • £4,000 cash / £40,000 jewellery.
  • Designed for domestic and light commercial use, and tested in accordance with EN14450 by the LPCB.
  • £5,000 cash / £50,000 jewellery.
  • Ideal for slightly higher domestic and commercial use, with 30 minute fire resistance.
  • Grades 0-6 available with cash ratings from £6,000-£150,000 / jewellery ratings from £60,000-£1.5million.
  • LPCB Certified with an added fire resistance up to 90 minutes.
  • Insafe’s own UK brand design and manufacturing facility allows tailor made specials forany type of safe to order.
  • From dimensions to colour, you can create a totally bespoke safe. 
  • Added options available include deposit systems, internal storage, power supply and watch winders.

As an Allianz customer, you have access to:

  • An exclusive 15% discount on the products described in this document.
  • A range of safes tested and certified by the independent testing house LPCB, plus approved by the AIS – Association of Insurance Surveyors.
  • A safe identification service to obtain the cash.
To receive your Allianz discount, reference ‘Allianz’ and provide your Allianz policy number when you contact Insafe.
Jenny Cooper, Director of Private Clients
Fax: 01892 525 100
Insafe International Ltd
Westcombe House,
2-4 Mount Ephraim,
Tunbridge Wells,
Private Clients Team
Note: Allianz UK is not responsible for the products and services provided by our preferred suppliers.