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With this in mind, we have developed some form and checklist templates that may help you when it comes to approaching certain hazards.

Please note:
In some instances, a form or checklist may not include everything that you need to do to comply with applicable legislation. Always check what is required for regulatory compliance in your unique situation.

Allianz accepts no liability or responsibility for actions taken (or not taken) as a consequence of the contents of these templates. Read our full terms and conditions for more information.

display screen equipment assessment should be completed for each user on a regular basis to determine whether their workstation is set up to best suit their unique needs and to prevent discomfort and injury. Use our checklist to make sure that all factors are considered.
In many emergency situations the power to a building may be cut off, so it's vital that there are battery-backed lighting devices which will switch on automatically in such an event. These lights need to be regularly tested to ensure they will work when needed.
The condition of work equipment, and the environments and situations in which its used, needs to be reviewed on a regular basis to check that it's safe for use. Our checklist can help you ensure all aspects are covered.
Our fire risk assessment form template may be suitable for some low-risk environments. We recommend consulting someone with knowledge and expertise when developing a fire risk assessment, but the checklist can help with ensuring that all aspects gets covered.
Before using a forklift truck, the driver should inspect it and the area to make sure it's in a safe operational condition. Our form can be completed on a mobile or tablet device and saved for your records.
The condition of all guards and safety devices on machinery, plant and equipment should be checked on a regular basis. With our form, inspections can be completed on a mobile device and then saved and/or printed.
All business premises need to have an up-to-date health and safety policy statement which is supported by regular risk assessments. This template and checklist can assist you in developing your health and safety regime.
Manual handling should be avoided, but we understand this sometimes isn't possible. To protect the health and safety of workers who may carry out manual handling tasks, the situation should be evaluated on a regular basis or whenever there are associated changes. 
Use this form alongside our health and safety templates to assess and manage hazards within your business. It may not suit your needs, so instead tailor it to cover all the aspects relevant to your situation.
Records should be kept on all tools and appliances to verify that they're safe for use. We've designed two forms to help with this. One for situations where there is a variety of items you want to keep track of at once, and another for where the is just one item that you want to monitor the usage and condition of.
As with many health hazards, exposure to vibration should be eliminated, but this might not always be achievable. Our checklist can help you ensure that as much as possible is being done to protect workers at risk.
Businesses are under increasing pressure to limit their impact on the environment, and management of waste is a key component of this. Keeping thorough records can aid proof of regulatory compliance, as well as safeguard your reputation.