How can I keep my car from being stolen?

Published 3 August 2023

It’s easy to forget to lock your car at times, in fact it can happen to anyone. It may sound obvious, but double-checking it’s locked might just stop it from being stolen!

If you use a keyless fob, try not to leave it anywhere near your car. Technology used by thieves makes it possible to unlock a keyless car from just outside your home.

You can get special pouches or boxes for your fob that block the signal and it may even help to keep it tucked away in a drawer.

Any type of key kept near the main doors of your home is a risk, so keep them somewhere safe and don’t make it easy for would-be thieves.

If you can park in a garage or a drive, you should. If parking on the road is your only option, try to park in a well-lit area, with other cars and houses around.

GPS trackers are a great help when it comes to finding stolen cars still on the road. A VHF tracker can even locate cars in underground car parks and can’t be blocked by savvy thieves using technology. For this reason, trackers can also be a great deterrent. You could also look into locking wheel nuts, car immobilisers or steering wheel locks.

Thieves often target specific cars, such as hybrid or electric vehicles. Simple measures like installing a catalytic converter lock or marking it with Smartwater technology could be enough to put thieves off.

We’re sure you’ve heard it all before, but you really shouldn’t tempt fate. Keep your valuables, and your vehicle, safe by keeping things like wallets, phones and other devices out of the car. If an item has value to you, there’s a good chance it also has value to a thief.

Allianz Car Insurance covers up to £300 for personal belongings stolen from your car, with exceptions on certain items. Check your policy for more information.

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