If the people involved in the incident disagree on what happened, we'll look at all evidence available, such as witness statements and CCTV footage. 

It's really important you share all details of the incident to support your claim as soon as possible; if you can give us contact details for witnesses, information about any police involvement, photographs, details of where the accident happened and if there were any CCTV cameras or dash cam footage - that would be extremely helpful.

We'll keep you updated throughout the claims process with next steps.

Firstly, we're so sorry to hear your car's been stolen. We're here to help.

The first thing to do is report the theft to the police immediately - you can dial ‘101’ and ask to be put through to your local station. They'll ask for details including your registration number, make, model and colour of the car. They’ll also give you a crime reference number which you’ll need to provide when you call us.

When you're ready to make a claim, we'll be by your side to get things sorted. We'll also arrange a hire car for up to 21 days or four days from the date we pay your claim (whichever comes first). Just, give us a call.

Calls will be recorded. For Text Phone, first dial 18001.

You’ll need to call the police if: 

  • The other driver(s) left the scene without providing their details.
  • You suspect the other driver(s) may have caused intentional damage.
  • You think the other driver(s) could be uninsured.
  • You have reason to believe the other driver(s) is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Then, give our claims team a call any time.

Calls will be recorded. For Text Phone, first dial 18001.

Firstly, if you have an accident causing damage or injury, you need to report the incident to the police within 24 hours (if you haven't already given them your details at the time of the accident).

You must also report the accident to your insurance company, even if you’re not planning to make a claim. 

It depends what you're claiming for and if you opted for Protected NCD (PNCD).

Whether you make just one claim or multiple claims, if you have Protected NCD, you won’t lose your discount.

If you didn’t protect your NCD, your discount will be reduced in line with our 'step back rules' which you’ll find in your car insurance policy document.

There are some other instances where a claim won't have affected your NCD - even if you don't have PNCD. For example:

  • You were involved in an accident that wasn't your fault and we recovered the cost from the at-fault insurer.
  • You have paid an excess for getting a chipped windscreen sorted. 

It’s worth remembering that even if you have PNCD and make a claim (whether fault or non-fault), your premium can still increase at renewal.

New Car Replacement is included as standard on your policy. We’ll look to replace your car with a new one if it’s involved in a claim and written off, as long as the car is less than a year old and you or your partner are the first and only registered keeper.

The replacement vehicle will be of the same or similar specification. You’ll find all the details in your document of insurance in your online account

Yes. If your car needs to go into a garage for MOT/service/repairs and the garage have offered you a courtesy car for the duration, you're insured to drive this under your policy.
Yes, Allianz Car Insurance covers all glass in your car under windscreen cover. You can find your windscreen excess in your policy documents. If you don't use one of our recommended repairers, you'll need to pay an additional excess if your glass needs to be replaced.

We'll pay you the excess back as soon as the third party's insurer has accepted responsibility. 

This might not always be possible or could take time. For example, the other driver could deny causing the accident or their insurer might not reply to us straight away.

Whatever happens, we'll keep you updated at every stage.

We'll arrange our salvage agents, Copart UK or Synetiq, to collect your car. If it's at home, they'll contact you to arrange this.

Please remove any personal items before it's collected, including any paperwork, personal information, and personal data on any media units. 

If your car isn't at your home address or one of our recommended repair centres, please let our claims department know as soon as possible.

If you've been unable to remove any personal items or delete personal data from media units before your vehicle is collected, please let our claims department know as soon as possible and we'll ask our salvage agents, Copart UK or Synetiq, to send the items to you or arrange for you to collect them.  Just give our claims team a call.

For new claims, our lines are open 24/7. 

For existing claims, our lines are open 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday, 8am - 1pm Saturday. 

Calls will be recorded. For Text Phone, first dial 18001.

With Allianz Car Insurance, you'll recieve a three-door hatchback while your car is being repaired.

If your car is written off or stolen and not recovered, you'll receive a courtesy car for 21 days, or four days from the date the claim payout is made (whichever is sooner).

Yes. We'll need information regarding a driver’s complete claims history, although this will not be taken into consideration until you renew your policy.

If you don’t keep your claims information up to date, this could result in your policy being cancelled.

The estimate can be sent to us via the garage's 'Audatex' system, using the code 'LVRCV' and your claim reference number - or by email to motorclaims@lv.co.uk or fax on 0800 707 6927.

With Alllianz Car Insurance, you're free to choose who repairs your car, but we're likely to inspect it before we authorise any work. If it isn't a recommended repairer, you'll need to pay an additional £200 excess and we can't offer a courtesy car or warranty on the repairs.

Some benefits of using our approved repairers include:

  • Free collection and delivery of your vehicle
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs (when using our recommended repairer service, for as long as you own the vehicle. Labour only, excludes parts)
  • Our garages are either British Standard approved or Kitemark approved which ensures technical competence. To achieve these standards our garages are independently audited
  • All work carried out will be in accordance with the Vehicle Manufacturers or Thatcham Repair Research Centre guidelines
  • Garages are proactively audited by our engineers
  • They'll keep you updated throughout the repairs
When you report your motor claim to us, please tell your claim handler if you have video footage that can help with your claim - they'll send you a link to guide you through how to upload evidence.