In this tragic motor claim, our policyholder (the driver) struck a pedestrian, causing spinal injuries that resulted in paralysis and serious fractures to both legs. The claimant found himself in an unimaginable life-changing situation, unlikely to be able to return to work and provide for his family due to the injuries sustained. Additionally, he was living in a rented house that was physically unsuitable for his needs following the accident.

The often sensitive - but critical - issue of replacement accommodation for the claimant and his family needed to be addressed. Recognising the need for this issue to be dealt with swiftly, we agreed the early release of funds to purchase a replacement house and arranged for this to be adapted as quickly as possible. Crucially, this meant that the claimant was able to live under the same roof as his family once again.

Throughout this process, regular dialogue took place between ourselves, Keoghs and the claimant’s solicitor, allowing them to agree the best course of action for the customer and his family.

The claimant said:

"My new property feels like a home now and things feel much more positive for me and my family. When I was in hospital I didn’t think I would be able to work again and with support from those involved with my case a return to work in a new role is now looking hopeful."

Our approach to such claims has been recognised by the industry and we were proud to receive an award from the Case Management Society UK (CMSUK) 2019 Awards.
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