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About your car insurance claim

For windscreen claims

If you've added the windscreen cover option to your policy and your windscreen or other glass in your car has been damaged, please visit our windscreen suppliers website below;

click here to arrange repair or replacement

Alternatively,Freephone 0844 875 2490(lines are open 24 hours a day seven days a week).

If you are making a claim for an accident in which someone was injured, or involved a pedestrian or cyclist, it is very important that we get your claim information as quickly as possible. Please call us on 0344 893 9606 (lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week).

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What's this? This is the date of the incident which caused the damage or loss. If you're not sure of the exact date, an approximate date or even the day you discovered the damage or loss will be fine.
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Where were you? Please give as much detail about the location of the incident as you can, including things like road names, landmarks and which way you were travelling.
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What happened? Please tell us exactly how the incident happened, including why you think it happened.
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Who was at fault? Please tell us who you think was responsible for the incident. If you're not sure, we can run through what happened when we call to help with your claim.
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What's this? Please indicate if the driver of your car at the time of the incident has been convicted of any motoring offences, or received any fixed penalty notices, within the last 5 years. You don't need to tell us if you went to a Speed Awareness course instead of receiving a conviction or fixed penalty points.
Previous claims
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What's this? Please tell us about all claims regardless of whose fault it was or whether the claim was made against you or not.
Information about your vehicle
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Is the vehicle driveable? You shouldn't attempt to use your car if you think it is unsafe to drive. If, for example, any exterior lights are damaged, there are leaking fluids, or your ability to steer, brake and the driver's ability to see have been affected by the incident
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Damage: Please describe the damage to your car in as much detail as you can.
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Injuries: If you or anyone with you was hurt, please describe the injuries in detail for us.
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Are you registered for VAT? If you’re VAT registered and your claim involves goods or services that charge VAT, you’ll be invoiced directly for the VAT. You can reclaim this as long as you sometimes use your car for business.
Third party details

Please provide us with the details you have about each person that was also involved in the accident

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Damage to other cars or the surrounding area: Please describe the specific damage to other cars, if there was any. Please also tell us about anything that happened to things nearby, for example damage to property.
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Pedestrian or cyclist injuries: If a pedestrian or cyclist was hurt, please describe their injuries in as much detail as you can.
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