The 'class of use' you pick when getting a quote, tells us what you’re going to use your car for.

Knowing this helps us give you the right level of protection. It makes sure you’re covered and makes sure you’re not paying more than you should.

There are three different classes of use you can choose from when getting car insurance from Allianz
  Social, Domestic and Pleasure (SDP) Social, domestic, pleasure and commuting (SDP+C) Personal business use (PBU)
Covers Day to day driving – doing the school run, going to see friends and family or popping to the shops. Everything under SDP and driving to one place of work and back. Everything under other options plus driving to more than one work place. This could be going to a different office for a meeting or to visit a customer.
Doesn’t cover Driving to work, including just driving to the train station. Using your car for business or if you drive to different places for work. Driving for business deliveries of any kind.

Why it’s important

If your class of use doesn’t cover the type of driving you’re doing, it could make your insurance invalid and you might not be covered if you need to claim.

There are certain driving uses we can’t cover:

  • Courier and taxi driving
  • Commercial driving – using the car for door to door sales
  • Competitions
  • Pace-making
  • Rallies
  • Trials
  • Speed testing
  • Used in the motor trade