Our Machinery Options policy enables your clients to choose which items of plant and machinery they want to insure and select the cover that is most appropriate. The widest level of cover is sudden and unforeseen damage.
This insurance policy combines an Inspection Service with cover for the cost of repair or replacement of this inspected machinery.
In-house team supported by a select group of specialist risk surveyors and loss adjustors.
As a specialist engineering insurer we offer first class industry expertise so you can trust us to be there when you need us.
Our free risk management website hosts a wide range of sector-specific guidance and toolkits.
A wide range of plant and machinery inspection services in line with periodical regulatory requirements.
Cover highlights

Inspection Service -  in line with periodical regulatory requirements, including electrical and mechanical inspections, lift and crane inspections and pressure plant inspection. 

Insurance cover is available on the following basis:

  • Tied to items -  listed on the inspection contract.

Covers available include:

  • Sudden and unforeseen damage, up to £500,000
  • Own surrounding property cover available for Pressure Plant £2,000,000.

Why choose Allianz?

Engineering Inspection Services
We offer a wide range of plant and machinery inspection services, including:

  • Electrical and mechanical inspections
  • Lift and crane inspections
  • Power/press inspection
  • Pressure plant inspections.

In addition, our Special Services Team can arrange one-off inspections coupled with bespoke consultations in the fields of?

  • Electrical Services, such as fixed wiring inspections and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) 
  • Energy Services.

Risk Management Support
Our free risk management website provides sector-specific guidance and toolkits for your construction clients and discounted rates on a range of products and services from our preferred suppliers. 

First Class Claims Services

  • Our specialist claims team deal exclusively with engineering-related claims
  • In-house team of claims handlers, supported by a group of specialist risk surveyors and loss adjusters who can enhance the claims service
  • Accurate and swift decisions to enable claims to move forward with minimum disruption to your business.

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