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Every business should protect its most important asset – its people. Personal Accident cover helps employees get back to work after sustaining an accidental bodily injury.
Rehabilitation cover helps return injured employees back to the workplace as quickly and efficiently as possible, and helps them deal with any after-effects. An integrated approach to rehabilitation comprises various aspects, such as physiotherapy, retraining and much more.
Unlike Employers’ Liability, which can often focus more on the fault of the employer and lead to litigious disputes, A&H focuses more on helping employees get back to work, thereby limiting loss of manpower and minimising disruption to the business.
Claims example
In April 2023, a sudden conflict in Sudan triggered immediate evacuation of foreign nationals. An Allianz policyholder had three people in two different locations in the country. The Incident Management Team quickly established daily contact, conducted in-person welfare checks and provided safe locations for them. Local security teams were engaged to escort them to different extraction points to evacuate them to safety. The medical team continued to check-in and provide welfare checks post-evacuation.
These claims examples are for illustrative purposes only.
Personal Accident cover can be settled quickly and benefits are paid directly to the employer, with no fuss or conflict with the employee.
The impact on a business’ profitability can be huge if one or more employees are unable to work for any length of time. An A&H policy can be used to support employees’ wages, hire temporary staff to replace an injured employee or offset other unexpected costs.
Not including A&H insurance in a company’s employment package may put off talented individuals from joining as they may not feel protected.
An A&H policy can cost from as little as £100 per year, yet the total cost of an A&H claim can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“Personal Accident cover just applies to work injuries.”

“Accident & Health claims involve tedious investigations and arguments.”

“The loss needs to be quantified after a claim is made.”

A&H cover can be purchased by any size of business, regardless of the number of employees or turnover.
For businesses wanting to provide protection for both occupational and non-occupational accidents, 24-hour Personal Accident cover can be purchased, giving employers complete comfort no matter where an accident takes place.
Business Travel provides cover and support for travelling employees anywhere in the world. This includes cover and assistance for repatriation, medical bills, trip disruptions, loss of personal property, and an emergency medical assistance helpline operating 24/7, 365 days a year.
Accident and Health Select provides flexible insurance cover for clients to enhance their employee benefits package, protect their business continuity
and protect employees whilst travelling abroad.
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