Short Term Operational Reserve Insurance

Cover options available for contract works; owned plant & machinery; hired in plant; public liability; contractors JCT 6.5.1, terrorism and delay in start-up.
Cover provided as standard for alterations, additions & improvements; removal of debris; professional fees; temporary removal; fire extinguishing; maintaining machinery guarantees; additional costs for repairs. Variable limits apply.
Optional additional cover available for terrorism; business interruption; public and products liability; commercial legal expenses; employers’ liability and D&O. Variable limits apply.

We can find solutions for a wide range of renewables businesses but our preferred risks are commercial operators that:
  • have a power production of one megawatt output per unit or above
  • have a single level output, less than 2MW
  • have plant and machinery that's less than 10 years old
  • are known and have proven plant and equipment
  • have equipment with the appropriate technical instalations
  • have the correct supervisory controls and data acquisition (SCADA) systems in place
  • don't use any obsolete plant
  • use approved operations and maintenance companies
  • have new equipment and installations under warranty.
STOR provides flexible insurance with the options of either construction or operational covers.
Our engineering, construction and power experts are able to consult at any stage of a renewable energy project and installation.
We can also offer additional services such as statutory or one-off inspections, on-site advice in the field of electrical, energy and environmental services or health & safety audits. 
We’ve been carbon neutral since 2012. As a founding member of the Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance we are passionate about green energy.

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