After the Event
for solicitors

ATE insurance enables people to pursue a personal injury or clinical negligence claim by providing financial protection.

An ATE insurance policy covers clients if they have to pay their opponent’s legal costs and own costs/disbursements incurred as a result of bringing a legal action. The premium is paid at the end of a legal action and dependent on case outcome.

Typical costs/disbursements covered are:

  • Opponent's costs
  • Special medical reports
  • Expert reports
  • Court fees.

We do not sell ATE policies to individuals on a direct basis.

As one of the longest established providers of After the Event (ATE) insurance in the UK and part of the Allianz group, our fully underwritten solutions are designed and priced to recognise the expertise and success of progressive law firms.

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No, you do not require authority to issue proceedings or reject an offer although you should notify us that you have done so by either updating ATE Link or by emailing
Where applicable make sure that we are notified promptly of a change in the number of defendants, any change of track and of any RTA case which exits the portal. Also make sure that we are notified of case closure as soon as possible.
Contact us via ATE Link or by emailing We will then request some further information from you in order to confirm whether we are able to offer further indemnity and the premium that would apply
Contact us immediately if this happens. In the absence of our agreement to the contrary the policy will end as the insured person has died and the nature of the claim may well have changed as a result.

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