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Hot works related fires continue to cause significant insurance losses, this software is designed to ensure best practice risk control processes are understood by all entering a site.

This software is provided by RISCAuthority with the purpose of ensuring those who undertake hot-work activities comply with current best practices to mitigate the likelihood of causing fires on-site. Users who complete the training should be more aware of the risks, dangers and potential hazards surrounding hot-work activities, creating a safer environment for them and their colleagues.

It will ask users to watch a short video on hot-works safety and complete a series of questions. Once completed, it will allow the users to receive a time-limited certificate.

More information on the toolkit can be found here.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any software downloaded onto your computer from this site is suitable and free from viruses. The software is provided by RISCAuthority. If you require support please contact them here.