With flooding dramatically increasing, flood defences have never been so important in preventing disruption to your business. Evaluate and understand flood risk and protect with industry-leading defence products.

We’ve partnered with MMEngineering, one of the leading providers of property based flood defence systems in the UK. They offer a wide range of flood defences, from flood risk assessment and consultancy through to the design, manufacture and installation of custom-built flood defence products and warning systems.

MMEngineering undertake structural analysis on all their products to ensure they can withstand the forces of the predicted flood event.

  • Flood gates – construction industry bespoke flood gates, which have undergone extensive type and on-site testing.
  • Flood doors – a range of fully-integrated flood doors designed to protect an entrance from a full head of water.
  • Flood cabinets – self-contained protection for standalone vulnerable assets and infrastructure.
  • Flood glazing – glass balustrades that provide a visually-pleasing, but robust defence against flooding.
  • Concrete flood walls – civil engineering to protect large assets at risk of flooding.
  • Pumps – installed below ground level to keep rising groundwater at bay.
  • Flood warning systems – telemetry equipment to give ample warning of an imminent flood event.
To provide detailed analysis of your property’s flood risk and guidance on how to address it.
Coordination of complex flood defence projects and installations, including civil engineering works.
A service to prevent water entry into a building through underground ducts and cable entry points.
External tanking to seal porous exterior walls to a building, fully protecting it from flooding.

Allianz Commercial policyholders can access:

  • discount of 15% on a range of flood defence products and services.
If you're an Allianz Commercial policyholder, please reference 'Allianz' and your policy number when contacting MMEngineering to take advantage of the special offer.
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Note: Allianz UK is not responsible for the products and services provided by our preferred suppliers.