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Innovative fire suppression stickers and cords able to automatically extinguish fires in sockets, electric fuse boxes and closed cabinets of up to 2,000 litres capacity.

We’ve partnered with ACT by FES, to provide a new innovative technology solution, using breakthrough developments in nanotechnology to encapsulate a fire extinguishing agent in the format of a sticker and a cord.

In the event of a fire, the extinguishing agent is automatically released from the sticker or cord, fighting the fire at source, limiting the potential damage and preventing fire spread.

The extinguishing agent will not damage the protected equipment, and is environmentally friendly having zero ozone depletion potential.

A flexible sheet of composite fire suppressing material designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial premises. Once installed, it is fully autonomous and does not require any further action.
  • Small stickers containing microcapsules of fire extinguishing agent.
  • To be installed in closed units of up to 60 litres capacity (e.g. fuse boxes, junction boxes, plug sockets).
  • In the event of a fire, the microcapsules burst, discharging the extinguishing agent.
  • Simple installation by sticking at the top of the enclosed space. Can easily be retrofitted.
  • The microcapsules remain fully operational for a certified period of five years following installation.
An innovative composite cord comprising fire suppressing microcapsules, and like the PyroSticker, offers a fully autonomous solution, requiring no further action once installed.
  • Can protect server boxes and cabinets, up to 2,000 litres capacity, and operate in temperatures ranging from -50°C to 80°C.
  • Suppression of electrical fires directly at their source.
  • Easy installation that is not invasive and can be retrofitted.
  • No maintenance needed for five years from installation.

As an Allianz customer, you'll receive:

  • a free visit by an ACT approved installer to assess the areas to be protected and provide a quote
  • a 33% discount on the market price of PyroSticker and PyroCord fire suppression products.

To receive your Allianz discount, use our online quote request form and our UK distributor will contact you to arrange your free quote.

Alternatively, contact our UK representative (Cables Britain), referencing ‘Allianz’ and provide your Allianz policy number.

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