Ensure your business is protected from the threat of cyber attacks and hacking through network security testing and cyber security services from our partner, InteliSecure.

Our preferred supplier, InteliSecure, offers a range of network security testing services to identify cyber exposure. Its consultants can give on site advice on how to reduce the risk to your company. If you don’t know what sort of testing you need, InteliSecure can carry out a general cyber risk assessment, implementing the services most frequently requested by businesses similar to your own.

InteliSecure’s range of core penetration testing services includes:

A snapshot of the current security state of your company’s internal systems. Bespoke assessments are available where specific systems need to be assessed.
A detailed review of the installation and configuration of your company’s active websites.
A detailed review of a firewall, establishing whether it is correctly configured and managed to your requirements.
A detailed review of the installation and configuration of your company’s deployed wireless (Wi-Fi) solution.
Investigation of the security of your laptops’ internal networks and internal connections, as well as the ability to remotely connect to your corporate infrastructure.
A detailed review of the installation of your company’s phone service over the internet.
A comprehensive methodology for assessing SCADA systems to identify potential vulnerabilities that may leave the environment open to attack. SCADA is a system for remote monitoring and control that operates with coded signals over communication channels.

InteliSecure’s network security testing offering can be extended to include:

  • Mobile Application Assessment
  • Mobile Device Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Citrix Security Assessments
  • Code Review
  • Build Review
  • Remote Access VPN

InteliSecure has been providing network security testing services to private and public sector organisations in avast array of sectors since 2002.

They take a critical asset protection approach to securing customers’ key data, utilising a variety of technologies and services, including data loss prevention and data classification and governance, along with penetration testing and broader threat assessments.

Their penetration testing services are accredited under the Government schemes: CHECK, CREST and TIGERSCHEME, providing you with the assurance of quality.

The services listed within this document are available to you, as an Allianz customer, at an exclusively discounted rate of £900 per consultant per day (normally £1,125 per consultant per day).

To receive your free ten-minute consultation, please email allianzsec@intelisecure.com providing your name and contact details. InteliSecure will then contact you within 24-hours to arrange a mutually convenient time for the consultation.

Please note that prices are subject to change and may vary depending on site specific circumstances.

As an Allianz customer, you can conveniently access a range of cyber security services from InteliSecure.

  • receive a discount of 20% off a wide range of cyber security services.
  • get a FREE ten minute telephone consultancy on how to strengthen your network security defences.
  • get help to determine whether your company’s computer network is vulnerable and if the current defences are sufficient in combatting a cyber attack.
To receive your Allianz discount, reference ‘Allianz’ and provide your Allianz policy number when you contact InteliSecure.
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Note: Allianz UK is not responsible for the products and services provided by our preferred suppliers.