An arson attack on our insured’s cricket club caused significant damage to a pavilion building, resulting in a major loss claim. The fire occurred during the night,
following a verbal altercation between some of the club’s players and local youths. 

Along with the broker, our loss adjuster was able to visit the site quickly to review the details of the claim and the extent of the damage.  As a result of their swift response, we were able to indemnify the policyholder within a week of being notified. 

Commenting on the collaborative approach to this case our broker said:

“The fire occurred on a Saturday night of a bank holiday weekend and we were notified the following day. I alerted the loss adjuster that same day and the client reported the claim directly to Allianz via their ‘out of hours’ service.

Allianz was in touch with us immediately following the bank holiday, and between ourselves , Sedgwick, the loss adjusters and Allianz we worked speedily to indemnify the client as quickly as possible.

This approach led to Allianz being able to issue a substantial first interim payment to the club within a week of the claim being notified. Enabling the policyholder to plan for an imminent event, as well as the long-term rebuild project. Without the proactive approach taken by Allianz, I don’t think the club would be in such a good position. The support provided by  Allianz was excellent and came at a particularly traumatic time for the club”. 

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