Our Communities

Supporting our communities

By working with the right organisations to challenge the environmental and social issues that impact our business we aim to bring about positive changes for the communities in which we operate.

Business can often be the biggest contributor to community development – providing jobs, prosperity and investment to communities. However, making a difference to the communities in which we operate through voluntary partnerships with charities and not-for-profit organisations is an integral part of our social responsibility strategy. We provide financial support to local and national charities; and encourage our employees to get involved in fundraising, and volunteering.

Community Programme

Through our Community Programme, we aim to:

  • Support charities and voluntary initiatives in the community that are relevant to our business objectives and brand values;
  • Increase financial contributions through company donations, employee fundraising and payroll giving; 
  • Maximise contribution delivered through non-financial means, such as employee volunteering; 
  • Create lasting value for our community partners and employees through training and skills development; 
  • Maximise the value of our partnerships, by measuring key performance indicators.

Charity Partnerships

We work with a number of charities in the UK aligned to our business purpose and values.

We give direct financial contributions to our chosen charity partners and encourage employees to fundraising by matching their donations. We also enable employees to support charities of their choice, in a tax-efficient way, by regularly donating through ‘payroll giving’ – and we match 10%.

In the event of a natural disaster that prompts an appeal by the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), Allianz will respond by offering an immediate one-off payroll giving facility through which employees can make a donation to the disaster appeal.


We encourage all our employees to contribute their time, skills and passion to their local communities and support them with 10 hours paid volunteering leave each year. We believe volunteering is a great way for employees to develop communication and leadership skills as well as building relationships within teams. Our employees take pride in supporting their local communities and they tell us that its one of the things that makes us a great place to work.

In 2014, 28% of Allianz employees took part in volunteering in their communities; overall contributing nearly 9,000 hours of time and skills to local causes. This is a significant increase from 2013, when 19% of employees pariticpated, contributing 6,300 hours. 


Our Corporate Community Investment (CCI) data is collected on an annual basis (January to December).