I started at Allianz on 11th February 2012. I deal with Petplan in-bound sales calls. Pet owners are usually given four weeks insurance for their new pets from breeders or a kennel club and they call up to enquire about prices and to continue their cover.

I’ve just had a promotion and I’m now a Deputy Team Leader. I think that just shows what kind of company Allianz is – there’s so much support to help you achieve what you want to achieve. I’m currently working towards my level two NVQ in sales, which I’m really enjoying – I feel like I’m working towards something tangible.

My team leader has undoubtedly been my biggest supporter. From the start she’s shown me what I need to do, how to progress in my career and answered all my questions. She’s really pushed me to achieve, which has been great. I previously worked as a kitchen consultant, but didn’t feel I was given much opportunity for progression or offered the support I needed – the difference in the way employees are looked after at Allianz is huge.

In my new role as Deputy Team Leader, I’ll be signing off new starters and I’ll be on-hand for them during live calls to answer any questions they may have. I’ll also help them with all the little things, so they feel settled and confident in what they’re doing. I really enjoy helping and working with people. A lot of people here know what area they want to progress into, and see themselves in marketing or underwriting, for example, but I’m not so sure just yet. I think I’d like to stick with the managerial side of things as I’m really enjoying the coaching and mentoring at the moment. I know that Allianz will help me get the position I want – everyone is so encouraging and supportive.

I had high expectations of Allianz before I started working here, but they’ve exceeded all of them. It’s a great environment to be in generally, and it’s great knowing you’ve got all that support behind you, every step of the way.