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7.2m UK drivers admit to not knowing enough about their car insurance policy

Posted on: 5th March 2014

A recent report by YouGov*, the UK’s most quoted research company, has revealed that 22% of UK drivers do not spend enough time researching what is included in their car insurance policy.

Evidence suggests that it pays to know what you're buying, with customers in the know paying approximately 7% less than their unknowledgeable counterparts.

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Snow on an english road

Winter weather having a negative affect on Brits homes

Posted on: 03 January 2014

With temperatures decreasing through the winter, Allianz Your Cover is urging households to prepare for what the insurance industry calls 'burst pipe season'.

Due to the rise in cost of fuel, more and more homeowners are turning the heating off this winter. Confirmed by a poll of 3,000 people...

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Christmas family scene through snowy window

Christmas disasters

One fifth of Brits have had a Christmas disaster.

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