Posted on: 20 October 2015

Radio one has started a new segment where lucky school kids get picked up by celebrities for the school run home. The first celebrity to take part was Olly Murs. After the three kids had recovered from the shock at finding themselves chauffeured by the 2009 X Factor runner up, they could then ask him anything they liked.

What followed was a charming, funny encounter and a good way of getting fans closer to their heroes.

Lewis Hamilton has done the school run too

Their video reminded us of the time Lewis Hamilton did something similar and, in doing so, showed us it’s not all about glory on the racetrack for him.

The two time Formula 1™ world champion took time out of his busy schedule to make sure two school kids got to their lessons safely and on time. Let’s hope his track skills served him as well in rush hour traffic as they did at the home of British Formula 1™, Silverstone.

Hamilton was put in charge of getting the two girls to school safely and it was never going to be a dull school run.

On the drive, Hamilton was asked some tricky questions that really put him on the spot. These included asking him about his favourite animal and, more importantly, can he jive? The girls were so excited by their personal taxi driver that they hardly left him room to speak all the while singing him a song they’d made up.

This left a bemused but ever-charming Lewis Hamilton smiling throughout the trip to school.

Events like this show what a good sport Lewis is. It’s worth remembering that because he did this, mum and dad got a day off from the school run and a well-deserved rest.

See how he got on:

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