Posted on: 15 January 2015 (updated on 18 May)

Keep fit and healthy during the Winter

We're all prone to feeling a little under the weather during the winter months. Whether it’s from eating too much or letting our fitness levels slide a bit. Here’s our handy guide to keeping in good health this winter.


On the other hand, if the weather’s not so great, don’t beat yourself up for getting an early night and having a duvet day once in a while. It’s good to recharge your batteries and let yourself have a lie in – there’s evidence to suggest your immune system is heightened during your seventh hour of sleep, so getting eight hours a night will work wonders for your health.

Flavoursome food

Natural flavonoids in food, such as capsicum in peppers and allicin are great flu fighters, with natural antibiotic properties. Add a lemon and manuka honey with hot water to drink first thing in the morning and you’ll be as bug resistant as possible all day long.

Sensible drinking

It’s easy to give in to the lure of the pub, but while it may be fun in the short term, in the long term you can be really damaging your health and not giving your body a chance to recover. Let your body have some time off and try to have a minimum of two non-drinking days a week to help stay in optimum health.

Keep moving

Keeping your body moving is one of the best ways to avoid feeling sluggish. So don’t give in to bad weather, keep walking to work or get on your bike. It’ll help keep you fighting fit, and keep off any excess winter weight.

Flu jab

Elderly people, pregnant women and the very young may benefit from having a flu jab, so check recommendations with your GP.

Herbs for health

Try a little white witchcraft and turn to herbs that are renowned for their immune system boosting properties. Olive leaf and Echinacea are both said to help your body fight the bugs and they may have other health supporting properties too. If you’ve overindulged in winter festivities, milk thistle can help support your liver too.

Get some sun

We’re not suggesting you head to the beach this time of year, but topping up your vitamin D levels is essential for bone strength and may help improve your mood, so if the sun’s out, get out and about.

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