Introduction to your inspection 

What does an inspection look like with Allianz?

1. Flexible appointments

Once you have an inspection contract with us,  our engineer surveyor will contact you to make an appointment at a convenient time. Our engineer surveyors maintain their own diaries, providing flexibility to accommodate your inspection requirements.

2. Detailed instructions

We'll provide you with specific instructions to prepare for our visit. Depending on the situation, you may need to de-commission the equipment, strip it down, clean it, cool it, or assist with providing access. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know exactly what needs to be done well in advance.

3. Health and safety

Health and safety is our priority. It's essential that a responsible person is available on-site to meet our engineer surveyor and provide access to the relevant areas of inspection and equipment. 

4. On-site reports

During the inspection, our engineer surveyor will create
detailed reports on-site. If any items of plant require supplementary testing – these will
be noted on your inspection reports and must be completed by the date provided by our engineer surveyor.

5. Accessible online reports

Following our visit, you’ll be emailed a comprehensive inspection report. These reports can also be viewed online; existing business customers can view these reports on eServices and for new business customers, these will be available to view on Inspection Hub. If you’d like to be able to view your reports online, but don’t currently have access, please get in touch


There are cases where we schedule an appointment to inspect all equipment and attend the site, only to find the plant is unavailable for inspection.

If any plant items aren’t available for inspection you’ll be issued with a Plant Not Available report (PNA). This report clearly explains why our engineer surveyor was unable to complete the inspection for that specific item of plant. It also outlines who was notified on-site and provides instructions on what actions you need to take. Furthermore, a notification will be sent a few weeks later to remind you that the item of plant is overdue for examination and requires inspection. 

In certain situations, we may charge a fee for our engineer surveyor to revisit the site and complete the examinations at an agreed alternative appointment. Further information on Plant Not Available (PNA) can be found here.

Once the equipment becomes available for inspection, please contact your engineer surveyor to book a return visit. You can find the engineer surveyor contact details on the PNA notification report. However, please be mindful that due to individual workload, they may require suitable notice to return to complete the inspection.

In the meantime, you should quarantine any overdue equipment from use to ensure that you maintain your compliance with statutory legislation.

If a defect is found, our engineer surveyor will:

explain the situation to a member of your team at the time of examination

leave a handwritten emergency report, detailing the defect and providing clear instructions on what actions you need to take

provide a detailed report of examination, clearly stating the identified defects

if required to do so by the regulation the equipment falls under, our engineer surveyor will send a copy of the report to the relevant enforcement authority.

8am to 6pm Monday to Friday (not including public and local holidays).

We understand that there may be instances where you require inspections to be conducted outside of our core hours. In such case, simply inform your engineer surveyor and they will support you in finding an alternative time and provide the additional out-of-hours rates to ensure complete transparency on costs.

Our engineer surveyors will issue a Plant Not Available report. This report will provide clear details regarding the confirmed planned date for the inspection and why it could not take place.
We'll provide you with ample notice and inform you of any necessary preparations before our inspections. Additionally, you can refer to our Plant Preparation documents for further guidance.