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Inspection services

Manage inspection reports anytime, anywhere

Our range of online inspection report management tools have been designed to suit business needs.

eServices doesn't limit you to any one service but instead allows you to adapt them to meet your needs.

Watch our video tutorial to learn more.

eServices video tutorial
  • Email notifications as soon as reports are ready
  • View, print, annotate and email inspection reports
  • Analyse, download and save defects data
  • Get details for each plant item and store other important documents
  • Create custom reports to suit your needs

For more information, email eServices@allianz.co.uk.

eServices give you easy and quick access to examination records and historical data.
Highly trained
More than 600 highly trained engineer surveyors throughout the UK.
 Accredited by UKAS
Independently accredited by UKAS to provide impartial advice.
Safety is our priority – all our engineer surveyors have a SAFed passport.
Bespoke solutions available such as one-off inspections and consultancy.
Mobile report generation
Helping customers to receive their report in the quickest time possible. 
Online reports
Our eServices website provides quick and secure access to dowload customers' inspection records.
Cover from start to finish
Our engineering insurance and inspection services can be arranged together.
Customer voice
We gather customer feedback and improve our feedback as a result.