You'll have Fully Comprehensive cover while driving your car in the EU.

Yes, with Allianz Car Insurance, you're covered for putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle. We'll pay to fix the engine damage and also drain & flush the fuel tank, as well as covering any damage to the engine*.

*You will need to pay your accidental damage excess, this amount is shown in your documents.

We cover cars with disability modifications, in other words modifications/enhancements that have adapted the vehicle to support somebody with a disability.

We also cover air conditioning, fog lights, parking sensors and tow bars.

We don't cover any other modifications. For example, these are some of the things we wouldn’t cover:

  •  bodywork, such as spoilers or body kits
  • suspension or brakes
  • cosmetic modifications, such as alloy wheels
  • performance modifications, such as engine and exhaust

With Allianz Car Insurance, you'll receive a small three-door hatchback while your car is being repaired.

If your car is written off or stolen and not recovered, you'll receive a courtesy car for 21 days, or four days from the date the claim payout is made (whichever is sooner).

If you've sold your car and don't have a new car to insure, you'll need to cancel your policy via your online account.

If you've replaced your car with a new one and need to insure it, you can transfer your policy over to the new car online via your account (remember, your price may change).

We'll need:

  • The new vehicle registration number.
  • Details of any changes to the manufacturer's standard specification.
  • Any changes in how you use the vehicle (e.g. are you now using it for work?).

Yes. We need to know a driver’s complete claims history.

If you don’t keep your claims information up to date, this could result in your policy being cancelled, or your cover being void when you need it.

New Car Replacement is included as standard on your Allianz Car Insurance Policy. 

We’ll replace your car with a new one of the same or similar specification if it’s involved in a claim and written off. Your car must have been less than a year old, with you or your partner are the first and only registered keeper.

You’ll find all the details in your document of insurance in your online account

Motor legal expenses (MLE) gives you up to 100,000 to pursue another party for any uninsured losses (like loss of earnings) you've sustained as a result of an accident that wasn't your fault.

We offer a range of optional extras to enhance your car insurance:                                                                      

  • Protected NCD: to protect your no claim discount for the life of your policy.
  • Breakdown cover from LV= Britannia Rescue: choose from three levels of cover. 

Protected No Claim Discount (PNCD) is an optional extra you can add to your car insurance policy. 

It means that any No Claim Discount (NCD) you've built up is protected - no matter how many claims you make.

To qualify for this optional extra, you need to have earned four or more years NCD. If you wish to add protected NCD cover to an existing policy, you can do this in your online account but you cannot add it if you've had a claim that would impact your NCD.

Your premium may still be affected if you make a claim.

You’ll find your certificate of motor insurance in your online account. Once you’ve logged in, select ‘Documents’ and you’ll see it in your Welcome Pack.

We have seven days to update the MID with your policy details. This includes new policies sold and policies cancelled.

However, we usually have the records updated within 1-2 days (subject to the date/time of the change).

If you've insured your vehicle, and have received your certificate of insurance and personal details confirmation, then you're insured until the record can be updated.

If you SORN your vehicle, you have a few options:

  • Cancel the policy.
  • Keep the policy (in case of fire or theft) but you'd be paying for cover you're not using.
  • Get a new policy elsewere specifically to cover your car for damage or theft while it's off the road. Please bear in mind this will incur a £40 cancellation fee.

If you've declared your car as being off road / SORN, you can't drive it until the vehicle is re-taxed and declared as being back on the road.

If your licence is revoked, you'll need to log into your account and edit your details. 

You'll no longer be able to drive the insured car. 

You'll also need to be removed from the policy, or if you're the policyholder, the policy will need to be cancelled. 

If your licence has expired and you're insured with us, you're still covered but you'll need to visit to renew your licence immediately.

If your policy has been cancelled, you'll need to log in to your account and set up a new policy with us. 

If your policy was cancelled due to any outstanding payments, any outstanding balances will need to be paid for before a new policy can be set up. 

Your account will already hold your details, so you won't need to enter all your information again to get your new quote.

A car insurance excess is the amount you have to pay yourself if you make a claim. 

There are two types of excess:                                                            

  • Compulsory excess - this is a fixed excess, set by us, which you'll have to pay if you make a claim. The amount varies depending on your circumstances.  
  • Voluntary excess - this is the amount you agree to pay, in addition to your compulsory excess, if you make a claim. 

For example, if we've set a compulsory excess of £250 and you choose a voluntary excess of £100, the total excess you'd pay in the event of a claim would be £350.

Please check your insurance documents for confirmation of your payable excess in your account

Yes. Please make sure the correct legal owner (who has a financial interest in the vehicle) is named on your policy e.g: lease company/company car/policyholder.
Unfortunately, this isn't possible at the moment but we're doing our best to cover these areas in the future.
Unfortunately, we're not able to insure you if you have a provisional licence.