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Electricity at Work Regulations (EAWR)

Posted on: 31 August 2018
Part III (regulations 17 to 28) of the EAWR only apply to mines, so are not discussed within this page.

With the aim of preventing deaths and injuries, the EAWR put into law the need for high standards of electrical safety.

Complying with the duties it imposes should mean that all practicable precautions are taken to prevent and limit health, safety and fire dangers in the workplace and/or as a consequence of work-related activities.

All employers and self-employed individuals must do all that is within their control to ensure that electrical risks in the workplace and/or related to work activities are appropriately managed.

Employees must co-operate with their employer’s efforts to fulfil regulatory duties and ensure that they don’t create or ignore danger (to themselves, as well as others).

There are 13 regulations under Part II of the EAWR (regulations 4 to 16) that all duty holders are required to comply with: