All-in-one vehicle cameras, telematics, and tracking combines with award-winning software to create powerful solutions for your fleet. Help mitigate risk, improve driver behaviour and resolve insurance claims quickly.

We’ve partnered with VUE to give you all-in-one Video Telematics and Tracking solutions to suit the requirements of every fleet. VUE’s Video Telematics combines on-board HD cameras, high-accuracy GPS, vulnerable road-user warning systems, telematics, live-viewing and a range of instant alerts.

Their award-winning software includes tracking, journey replays, secure video footage sharing, driver behaviour reporting and enhanced analytical reports all though the one VUEhub. The VUEdrive App gives drivers star-ratings for their journeys to continually improve driver behaviour.

The technology will also help combat fraudulent claims and inflated injury costs while defending your drivers. It’s also perfect for compliance with FORS, CLOCS and DVS.

Most importantly, VUE will work together with you to determine what unique solution is best for your fleet and to help you show return on your investment.

Watch Vue Group's video: Introducing VUE Group - Your Fleet Risk Management Partner

Using VUE, you can make the most of:

  • Up to 8 cameras that can be positioned anywhere on or in the vehicle for:
    - driver/passenger monitoring
    - load monitoring
    - close-proximity or reversing manoeuvres
    - blind-spot elimination (for DVS compliance)
  • Live monitoring of vehicles, and journey replays
  • Automatic FNOL alerts (First Notification Of Loss)
  • Range of instant alerts including speeding, harsh breaking and engine idling
  • Live connectivity with storage on SD card or hard-drive
  • Recording time, date, GPS location, g-force and vehicle speed
  • Recording after the vehicle ignition is switched off, capturing essential post-incident footage

VUE have a range of cutting-edge tech to suit every type of vehicle within your fleet, including cars, vans, HGV’s, Motorbikes and Fork-lift trucks.

From a forward-facing HD camera unit (ideal for cars), up to a high-performing HD Video Telematics device with eight cameras (giving a 360° view of a HGV), VUE provides total fleet coverage.

The range includes video telematics recorders with live connectivity, advanced video telematics data, and driver behaviour reporting, all accessible from any PC or smartphone. 

Watch: The VUEconnected Range - Your Complete Video Telematics Solution

The tamper-proof units and various cameras provide:

  • HD video crash alerts
  • live monitoring of vehicles
  • records of time, date, GPS location, g-force and vehicle speed
  • remote downloading of video footage
  • automatic FNOL reporting
  • harsh acceleration and braking reports
  • map replay reports
  • speeding reports
  • engine idling reports
  • geo-fencing alerts (in any shape)
  • out-of-hours alerts
  • fuel efficiency.

VUE’s cameras can be positioned anywhere on/ in the vehicle for:

  • blind-spot elimination
  • close-proximity manoeuvres
  • driver/passenger monitoring
  • load monitoring.

For added safety and FORS and DVS compliance you can also add on:

  • audio recording
  • proximity sensors and alarms
  • in-cab monitors for driver visibility
  • VUEanalytics for advanced and contextualised driver behaviour reporting.

Video Telematics, claims handling and advanced contextualised reporting - all in one online portal.

  • VUEhub brings together all the VUE software services in one simple-to-use portal, to help you manage your fleet, mitigate risks and resolve any insurance claims quickly.
  • With a single sign-in, you can move quickly around your suite of software solutions.
  • Improve your workflow and productivity, with tracking, location sharing and geofences.
  • View footage in VUEconnected and send it directly into VUEcloud with the click of a button.
  • Driver ID (RFID Required).

Watch: VUEhub - the Complete Fleet Risk Management Solution

VUEdrive is an intuitive App which gives drivers a star-rating for the journeys they complete.  This helps improve and maintain good driving behaviour for all the drivers in your fleet.

Drivers can see a one to five-star rating for specific trips, or an overall rating for the day and week. There is also a map view showing the journey route and locations of speeding.

It is easy for drivers to see their own areas of development with the detailed breakdown of scores for harsh acceleration, harsh breaking, cornering, and speeding data.

Put simply, most drivers want to get good star-ratings and so continue to work to get more stars.

VUE’s technology is all tracked and monitored via VUEconnected.  This secure web-based portal lets unlimited users view telematics functions and remotely view or retrieve CCTV footage.  There’s also a free hand App for when you’re on the go.

  • Live Tracking, Map Replay, Live Traffic Overview, Find Nearest Vehicle and Temporary Share of vehicles location
  • Live CCTV, Remote Video Retrieval and Video History Library
  • Geofencing for arrival or departure alerts and Pushpins
  • Reports including: Trip Summary, Trip Details, Events, Calendar, Inputs, Out of Hours use, etc
  • Driver Behaviour, Scheduled Reports and Graphical KPIs
  • Alert Functions including: Out of Hours Use, Speeding, Idling, Geofencing, Usage Hours.

Watch: VUEconnected Portal - Video Telematics viewing

VUEcloud is a simple, intuitive solution, for securely handling any CCTV footage and any other files associated with a claim. This secure multi-media platform lets you Upload, Store, View and Share ANY vehicle and static CCTV video files alongside associated photos, documents (e.g. accident reports, driver training logs) and other relevant information.

Key Functionality

  • Suitable for any size of fleet, small or large
  • Meta data such as comments, accident reports and other relevant information can be attached to the associated video footage
  • Store and view CCTV footage and associated files and quickly share with internal and external persons
  • May also be used as a Driver Education/Training tool
  • A claims KPI dashboards is also available as an add-on.

Watch: VUEcloud - Upload, View and Share any files

VUEanalytics is an invaluable fleet risk management tool that displays advanced telematics and claims data. View telematics data (cornering, speeding, etc.) in context (road type, road conditions, weather conditions) to understand the specific factors that affect drivers and determine the likelihood of accidents.

  • Suitable for any size of fleet
  • Understand overall fleet risk and what the biggest risks are to a fleet such as driver behaviour, fatigue, environment and more
  • View claims data alongside driver behaviour
  • See predictions on which drivers are more likely to have an accident with an injury, based on previous performance
  • See trends in driver behaviour at fleet, depot and driver level
  • Uses existing telematics, from any supplier, to leverage existing data
  • Data is automatically updated weekly to minimise management input.

Watch: VUEanalytics - Putting Telematics Data into Context

As an Allianz Commercial Motor or Motor Trade customer you can access the following benefits. Up to a 30% discount on VUE’s products which can:

  • provide bespoke Video Telematics solutions to suit your requirements
  • record incidents on camera, helping you to provide evidence, especially against fraudulent claims
  • help your drivers become safer and more efficient
  • monitor vehicle location, loads and driving behaviours
  • provide a dedicated support service.

Watch: JLA Case Study - Defending Claims with Video Telematics

To receive your Allianz discount, reference ‘Allianz’ and provide your Allianz policy number when you contact VUE.
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