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Prevent vehicle theft with Tracker’s stolen vehicle recovery system - the most successful in the UK.
We’ve partnered with Tracker Network (UK) Ltd, to offer discounted products which will help vehicle recovery in the event of a theft.

– this product has a sophisticated movement sensor, which notifies Tracker if the vehicle is moved without the ignition turned on.

When Tracker is alerted to an illegal movement the owner is then contacted to confirm whether the vehicle has been stolen. On confirmation and when a crime reference number is gained from the police, Tracker will emit a silent signal for the police to follow.

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  Without discount With discount
1 year £540 £390
3 years £810 £660

– like Monitor, this product incorporates a sophisticated movement sensor which notifies Tracker if the vehicle is illegally moved.

The product also provides, jamming, counter measures, making the system more resilient to thieves attempting to stop the Tracker communication system.

The unit incorporates two means of communicating the location using Very High Frequency (VHF) and Global System for Mobile (GSM) technology and three means of locating a stolen vehicle using VHF, GSM and Global Positioning System (GPS).

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  Without discount With discount
1 year £661 £511
3 years £961 £811
In addition to GPS, this system uses unique VHF technology and meets insurance requirements of the Thatcham Category 5 standard. Driver tags are provided to identify authorisation to drive the vehicle. If a tag is not present when the vehicle is started an alert will be generated to the customer.

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  Without discount With discount
1 year £927 £777
3 years £1,257 £1,107
Tracker customers will have access to the tracker app. Tracker Touch is a free and easy to use app providing 24/7 visibility of the customer’s vehicle’s location and gives the customer the ability to manage their account via their phone.

As an Allianz customer, you have access to £150 discount on the unit cost of Tracker Monitor, Locate and S5 vehicle tracking units.

They use cutting edge technology to allow police to recover vehicles fast.

1. Range Rover Sport

2. Range Rover Vogue

3. Range Rover Autobiography

4. BMW X5

5. Land Rover Discovery / BMW 3 Series

6. Mercedes-Benz C - Class

7. Range Rover Evoque

8. Mercedes-Benz C - Class AMG

9. BMW M3 / Mercedes-Benz S-Class

10. Land Rover Defender / Mercedes-Benz E Class / BMW 6 Series

To find out more about protecting your fleet against theft, please speak to your insurance broker.
Tracker Network (UK) Ltd,
6-9 The Square,
Stockley Park,
UB11 1FW
Note: Allianz UK is not responsible for the products and services provided by our preferred suppliers.