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Lightfoot is an award-winning, government-supported technology that uses real-time, in vehicle feedback and driver rewards to reduce risk, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs.

Lightfoot gives drivers real-time, in-cab coaching together with an online platform with competitions and incentives to reward their better driving.

Lightfoot’s effectiveness comes through the use of three basic components to bring genuine, lasting behavioural change. The unique combination includes:

  • Technology – Lightfoot communicates with the engine via the on- board diagnostics port and constantly measures how efficiently the car is being driven.
  • Psychology – Lightfoot gives the driver real-time verbal and visual nudges exactly when they need to adjust their driving style.
  • Motivation – Lightfoot turns efficient driving into a competition with scores, league tables, incentives and rewards for better driving.
  • audible alerts in the vehicle to enable a safer, more efficient driving style
  • instant notification to a chosen representative if the driving behaviour has not improved after three alert
  • emailed one-page reports showing post-improvement data, in an easy to understand RAG table
  • report can be split between teams, depots and regions to requirements
  • a simple league table that can be used to create competition, reward good drivers or re-train weaker performers
  • installation by an engineer from Lightfoot at a chosen location (typical installation time of 30 minutes per vehicle)
  • opportunities for drivers to win prizes and receive rewards, such as discounts on private motor insurance.

Vehicle tracking is available as an optional extra. Lightfoot does not affect vehicle warranty.

As an Allianz Commercial Motor or Motor Trade customer, you can receive:

  • a 15% discount on the costs and monthly subscription for Lightfoot, an innovative product that can make your drivers safer and more efficient in real-time.
To receive your Allianz discount, reference ‘Allianz’ and provide your Allianz policy number when you contact Lightfoot. You can also contact Lightfoot through your broker.
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