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Lightfoot is an award-winning, government-supported technology that uses real-time, in vehicle feedback and driver rewards to reduce risk, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs.
Lightfoot is a driver reward platform. A technology that sits on the dashboard that focuses on engaging and rewarding the driver for being a better driver (often described as the “fit-bit for cars and vans”). Every client wants better drivers and we can help deliver them and provide the fleet with a healthy ROI (up to 15% reduction in fuel, 45% reducing in downtime and up to 40% reduction in accidents). Lightfoot works on cars and vans, including electric vehicles, up to and including 7.5T.
Lightfoot connects to the engine via the OBDII port and constantly measures how efficiently it is being driven.
Lightfoot gives the driver real-time audible and visual nudges when they need to adjust their driving style to optimise efficiency.
Lightfoot turns efficient driving into a competition with scores, league tables, incentives and rewards for better driving. All delivered via the Lightfoot driver app.

Lightfoot helps drivers maintain a smoother driving style which:

  • Reduces accident rates by up to 40%
  • Reduces fuel consumption and emissions by up to 15%
  • Reduces vehicle down time by up to 45%

The Lightfoot product features

  • Live engine analytic data – real-time feedback to driver
  • Online Management Portal
  • Full tracking (optional)
  • Driver app – prizes & rewards
  • Mileage expense reporting – HMRC compliant
  • Vehicle health management
  • First notification of loss (FNOL) & incident alerts
  • Daily vehicle checks

Supporting fleet managers navigate through the latest motor industry challenges, Lightfoot also offers the following newly developed electric vehicle specific functionality:

  • EV Management Portal
  • Management visibility of State of Charge
  • Driver ownership of State of Charge
  • Battery degradation monitoring
  • Electric vehicle expense reporting 
Lightfoot is fully UK Type Approved and manufactured in the UK with warranty for the term of contact and installation taking place across the UK.

As an Allianz Commercial Motor or Motor Trade customer, you can receive:

  • a 15% discount on the costs and monthly subscription for Lightfoot, an innovative product that can make your drivers safer and more efficient in real-time.
To receive your Allianz discount, reference ‘Allianz’ and provide your Allianz policy number when you contact Lightfoot. You can also contact Lightfoot through your broker.
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