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Legal services

Allianz Legal Services are an exclusive benefit for our customers that have legal expenses cover within their combined commercial insurance policy*You can confirm that you have the cover by checking your policy schedule documents.
Our legal services are designed to help our commercial policyholders operate within the law.
Eligible Allianz policyholders can access these services for free or at discounted rates - see the product range for more information.

Jamie is responsible for the storage of all contracts in the office; employment, client, contractors, etc. He wants to digitalise their storage locations and, whilst doing so, conduct an audit to ensure they’re all fit for purpose.

Sam runs a residential construction firm. He’s recently completed a project for which he was to be paid in three instalments. Shortly before the third payment was due, the client asked Sam’s builders to leave the property on the grounds that they’d stained the patio with paint and left rubbish on the premises. The client is now refusing to give the final payment.

Sam needs the money to fulfil outstanding invoices from the build and he’s decided to make a claim.

Justine owns a bus company which services local schools. Recently, one of her drivers took a bus full of children down a country lane into deep flood water and the vehicle had to be evacuated and abandoned.

The company is now being investigated by the local council who are threatening to end Justine’s contract, as the driver allegedly went through a 'road closed' sign. She's also having to deal with the driver's suspension, which is meaning other contracts aren't being fulfilled, cash flow is reduced, and she's having to work overtime to make up for his absence.

Lawphone (DWF LLP)
Quote your master policy number (detailed in the insurance policy schedule) to access these services.
Abbey Tax
Quote the master policy number detailed in your insurance schedule.
Crisis communication services
To access this service, please state that you're an Allianz customer.
*Legal Expenses is an optional cover within our Mid-Corporate, Motor and Construction propositions, it’s only available to customers who’ve taken out this cover as part of their policy. At present, it’s not available for standalone Speciality Lines policyholders.

Legal Expenses cover comes as standard within our core Property and Casualty Small Business policies: Complete Business, Complete Office, Complete Property Owner, Complete Flatowner, Complete Retailer and Complete Contractor.