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Fleet telematics and incident analysis

Fleet operators are using telematics to make measured improvements to their fleet through managing and monitoring driver behaviour. This technology can also be used to track vehicles, plan routes, manage fuel costs, and protect your assets in the event of an incident.

We’ve partnered with Ingenium Dynamics to give you access to a solution which allows you to monitor how your employees are driving, and steers them towards a safer journey. This solution offers the following features:

  • Safety Dashboard – identification of drivers that are driving out of set tolerances. This enables fleet managers to use a targeted approach rather than carrying out blanket driver training
  • Live Location Dashboard – location of vehicles for asset protection and live feeds even when the engine is turned off
  • League Access – a league table of drivers to show who is driving well. This allows incentive schemes to be introduced to improve engagement.

You will receive constant support such as:

  • Managed and supported service for fleet managers
  • Ongoing support and interaction with drivers, providing positive feedback or suggestions for training
  • Multi-media training via webinar, video and multiple-driver workshops
  • Easy access to individual, team and group performance dashboards, via portal or mobile phone app.

As an Allianz Commercial Motor and Motor Trade customer, you have access to:

  • a 15% discount 
    (approx) on the costs and subscription of an intelligent telematics solution from Ingenium Dynamics
To receive your Allianz discount, reference ‘Allianz’ and provide your Allianz policy number when you contact FMG about Ingenium Dynamics You can also contact FMG through your broker
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