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Whether insured or not, fire, flood or a system failure can cause significant disruption to your business. Having a good business continuity plan in place will help give you peace of mind.
We have partnered with Glen Abbot, one of the UK’s leading business continuity consultancy firms, who provide expertise in all aspects of business continuity management.

A simple, easy to complete series of templates to help you develop your own business continuity plan.

Developed for small businesses, these templates highlight the critical activities, dependencies and risks within your business. A recovery plan will advise you on what to do should the unthinkable happen. This service is available to Allianz Commercial policyholders at an exclusive discounted price of £149 (excl. VAT).

A period of consultancy support in addition to your start up pack, should you require a more advanced plan. This service is available to Allianz Commercial policyholders at an exclusive discounted price of £499 (excl. VAT).

Complete access to Glen Abbot’s modular business continuity portfolio for the more complex organisation. You can choose from a full plan to help with the analysis stage, or a training and testing programme, depending on your business needs.

Consultancy fees are discounted exclusively for Allianz Commercial policyholders, starting from £637.50 per day.

As well as providing robust business continuity plans, Glen Abbot can also assist with supply chain review services.

The quickest and most cost effective method to review a supply chain is for Glen Abbot to review your suppliers’ risks and business continuity documentation. After initial introductions, Glen Abbot will deal directly with your suppliers. A short report will be produced highlighting any risks you should be aware of and any mitigation actions identified.

This service is available to you at an exclusive discounted price of £149 (excl. VAT).

Glen Abbot can carry out a detailed review of a supplier’s paperwork, followed by a telephone interview with key personnel in the organisation. You will then be given a report stating the level of risk they provide.

This service is available to Allianz Commercial policyholders at an exclusively discounted price of £350 (excl. VAT).

If you have particular concerns about a supplier, Glen Abbot can arrange a site visit where they will physically review the supplier’s premises, interview key people and produce a detailed report on the findings.

Consultancy fees are available at an exclusive discounted price from £637.50 per day.

Please note: prices are subject to change and may vary depending on site specific circumstances. All prices are subject to VAT.

Allianz Commercial policyholders have access to:

  • FREE ten minute telephone consultation on any matter relating to business continuity
  • discount of 20% on the usual prices for a unique suite of business continuity planning packages
  • 20% off supply chain reviews.
If you're an Allianz Commercial policyholder, please reference 'Allianz' and your policy number when contacting Glen Abbot to take advantage of the special offer.
David Hutcheson
Business Continuity Support Team
Glen Abbot Ltd
Quayside House
Friarton Road
Note: Allianz UK is not responsible for the products and services provided by our preferred suppliers.