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Marking your business assets offers a quick, neat and professional solution to deter theft. Marked property dramatically decreases in value on the second hand market and the risk to thieves of being caught increases.
Selectamark Security Systems is a market-leading supplier of asset security marking solutions.
An award-winning portfolio of forensic marking solutions designed to deter and prevent theft, burglaries and robberies.
Selectamark is a visible marking solution that allows you to permanently and visibly mark equipment with a do-it-yourself kit.
To complement these security marking measures, SelectaLabel and Asset Register allow you to uniquely number equipment, by means of an asset label, and track it throughout your organisation to prevent loss of vital assets.

The main Crime Prevention purpose of marking your property is to make it less attractive to potential thieves as they know that if they are caught in possession of a marked item the Police can quickly establish it is stolen property.

Selectamark regularly visit individual Police Forces and provide training to Crime Prevention Officers and Crime Scene Investigators.

SelectaDNA and Selectamark are police approved security systems through the Secured by Design scheme.

As an Allianz customer, you have access to a range of security marking products:

  • a 15%discount on 
    SelectaDNA and Selectamark property marking solutions to mark and protect valuable assets and infrastructure such as IT equipment, tools, plant and machinery, vehicles, copper cable, lead roofs.
  • You can use the discount code ‘ALLIANZ15’ at the checkout on www.selectadna.co.uk to get your 15% discount.
  • a 5% discount on SelectaDNA Intruder Spray Systems installed at vulnerable business premises.
To receive your Allianz discount, reference ‘Allianz’ and provide your Allianz policy number when you contact Selectamark Security Systems plc.
Fax: 01689 860693
Selectamark Security Systems plc
1 Locks Court,
429 Crofton Road,
Kent BR6 8NL
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