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Man behind wheel.

The budget and how it might affect motorists

Posted on: 01 October 2015

Your eco car tax will fund new roads in Osborne’s infrastructure development plan

The dust has settled from the general election and the country is getting to grips with life under a Conservative government again. The chancellor’s summer budget was announced and there are going to be some big changes in store for motorists. 

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Ikea planning smaller, closer stores

Posted on: 07 September 2015

The Swedish furniture company has 18 superstores across the UK, but these are spread too thinly, according to their own research.  Ikea customers are fed up with having to travel up to two hours to shop there.

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Father and daughter play

The best driving games

Posted on: 28 August 2015

It’s always challenging when driving long distances. The problem, other than tiredness and needing the toilet, is keeping your passengers and yourself entertained. This is especially true for parents with children in the car. To try and make it that bit easier, we’ve brought together some of the very best games to play in the car. Hopefully, this will help you avoid the dreaded “are we there yet?”

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Highway code myths

Posted on: 21 August 2015

Despite what your parents have said, or what your mate down the pub has told you, there are certain myths about driving that aren’t true. Although a surprising number of us believe them, sometimes they’re not even legal!

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Mum waiting for child.

Keep tabs on the running around you do for the kids

Posted on: 07 August 2015

We’ve made an app that shows the driver their mileage per journey, while working out a ‘fare’ if they decided to charge for the journey. The new app, Allianz Taxi Meter, keeps track of distance travelled, duration of journey and works out a fare for you. It even looks similar to a taxi’s digital display.

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checking engine oil

Car maintenance tips for travelling

Posted on: 12 May 2015

  • What to check before driving abroad
  • Legal requirements when driving overseas
  • What you should have in the car

Preparing when driving abroad

Christmas family scene through snowy window

Christmas disasters

Posted on: 15 January 2015

One fifth of Brits have had a Christmas disaster.

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