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Handy tips to save for a house deposit

Posted on: 08 January 2016

If you're looking to save for a deposit on a new home, it's the little changes to your spending that can make a big difference.

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Front door

A guide to buying your first home

Posted on: 08 January 2016

Thinking of buying your first home? Take a look at our guide for what you need to know.

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Front door

Technology series: smart homes

Posted on: 08 January 2016

Everything from your toothbrush to your socks can be connected now. What about your house?

Imagine setting your coffee machine up to make your drink, the way you like it, ready for when you wake up.  

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Man on phone

Technology series: the future of travel

Posted on: 04 December 2015

Ever wondered how our commute will look in the future?

It seems the world of travel is close to a breakthrough. Technology news seems filled with driverless cars and new ways to travel. Just a few days ago, a new battery was announced that is so powerful, it could make electric cars have a similar range to their petrol driven counterparts.

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Technology series: Driverless cars

Posted on: 13 November 2015

What’s happening?

Some very big names in the technology world, including Google, are developing driverless cars. These cars are going to replace drivers. They are also going to be tested on British roads in Milton Keynes and Bristol.  

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Fun in car

Family fun during October half term

Posted on: 23 October 2015

Parents across the UK are gearing up for half term. Make the most of the time with days out and adventures you and your family can remember forever. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. If you’re ever stuck, here are some thoughts about what you can get up to during half term. 

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Daughter looking at scenery

Lewis Hamilton school run

Posted on: 20 October 2015

Radio one have started a new segment where lucky school kids get picked up by celebrities for the school run home. The first celebrity to take part was Olly Murs. 

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Technology series: car gadgets

Posted on: 16 October 2015

It’s a brave new world

A new car comes utterly crammed with all types of gadgetry to make the driving experience easier and safer for you. There are so many different gadgets that we can’t tell you about all of them in detail here. What we can do is tell you about some important ones and how they’ve changed driving.

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Man behind wheel.

The budget and how it might affect motorists

Posted on: 01 October 2015

Your eco car tax will fund new roads in Osborne’s infrastructure development plan

The dust has settled from the general election and the country is getting to grips with life under a Conservative government again. The chancellor’s summer budget was announced and there are going to be some big changes in store for motorists. 

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