Brexit - Allianz takes the initiative for customers

Posted: 21 March 2019
Despite the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit, we’re continuing to prepare for all possible outcomes and we’ve taken steps to provide our customers with insurance solutions in a post-Brexit world. Rather than delay our solution whilst we await resolution from Parliament, we’re ready from today to issue Green Cards to our customers via our broker partners at any point in the future should it become necessary. 

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, any Allianz customers, who intend to drive their vehicles outside the UK will potentially require a Green Card to provide evidence that they have the minimum compulsory insurance required by law to drive in the country they intend to visit. In this scenario, Allianz customers who intend to drive abroad will need to contact their insurance broker for further help.

Allianz's General Manager, Commercial & Personal, Simon McGinn said:

"Through our multinational network we benefit from having partner offices in all 30 EEA territories, 28 of which are Allianz subsidiary providers. Indeed, as part of Allianz Group we are able to leverage our strong global network to continue to provide multinational solutions to the needs of our customers. Allianz is committed to supporting our customers through the Brexit journey and preparing for the impact of Brexit."