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Covering a range of topics from emerging trends to sustainability and more, our insight articles will bring you key developments and our industry expertise. 

Nov 24, 2020

Why no business or sector is immune from cyber threats

Increasingly, evidence shows that businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors can experience a cyber attack as companies become progressively digitalised and deal with sensitive data which acts as a lure for cyber criminals.
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Nov 23, 2020

Professional indemnity insurance through the pandemic – and beyond

How does the land lie for the professional indemnity sector in these troubled times? In this assessment from Allianz Insurance, we examine the impact of the current situation and view the emerging risks on the horizon
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Nov 16, 2020

The Real Estate Market - key trends and insights

This article looks at how the real estate market currently stands using Q2 figures. This is a pivotal moment as we reflect on the impacts of lockdown and anticipate what trends are likely to result as the economy recovers or experiences a delayed recovery.
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Nov 12, 2020

Smart Devices Explained

Our Transformational Propositions Manager, James Tucker and our Transformational Propositions Consultant, Shanna Serrano explain smart devices in more detail, how they connect to the Internet of Things and what 5G will mean for performance.
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Nov 11, 2020

Why times are tough for the construction PI market

The Professional Indemnity construction market is undergoing a challenging time due to a number of factors. Our article takes a look.
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Nov 03, 2020

Future fraud trends

The nature of insurance fraud is constantly evolving as criminals devise new and insidious ways to deceive insurance companies and the general public for illegal financial gain. Read the final article in the BIBA broker guide on insurance fraud.
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Oct 29, 2020

Fighting insurance fraud

The scale of the fraud problem facing the insurance industry is clear in the most recent annual figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI). However, the positive news is the high rate of detection, increasingly driven by insurers’ own tools and technologies.
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Oct 20, 2020

No lockdown on insurance fraud

Despite a general UK-wide slowdown in activity during the Covid-19 lockdown, fraudsters have remained active and even exploited the pandemic for their own gain. Challenging economic circumstances have created fresh opportunities for criminals looking to commit fraud through a variety of methods, some of which are examined in this article.
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Oct 12, 2020

A BIBA brokers' guide to the insurance fraud landscape

Insurance fraud is a much-discussed topic and an ever-evolving crime. This guide looks at the opportunist nature of fraud during the Coronavirus pandemic and at trends in both criminal activity and fraud prevention.
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