Joint venture with LV=

On 28 December 2017, a transaction was completed that marked the start of a strategic partnership between Allianz Insurance plc ("Allianz") and Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society (LV=) through Allianz’s investment in Liverpool Victoria General Insurance Group (“LV=GI”).

Since then, Allianz and LV=GI have been working together on the development of a joint venture to  achieve top 3 UK insurer status in the UK market, combining our digital capabilities and technical excellence with a focus on the needs of our customers.

What does this mean?

As part of this new partnership, LV= GI acquired the right to issue new business invitations to Allianz’s personal home and motor insurance customers. In turn, Allianz acquired the right to offer LV=GI’s commercial insurance customers new business invitations.

Allianz's existing commercial insurance customers will not be affected by the joint venture.

LV= has created five new ‘LV=Broker Clear’ products, all of which are, or are becoming, available to brokers.

I'm currently an Allianz personal motor/home insurance policyholder

I'm currently an LV= commercial insurance policyholder...