What is Home Emergency Assistance?

Your Home Emergency Assistance covers events that are considered to be an emergency. Things like:

  • water escaping from a pipe inside your home and flooding the property
  • no lights work in your home (no power supply to the lights and plug sockets)
  • damaged guttering that is causing water damage to the inside of your home

We will:

  • provide initial advice to you
  • arrange for a tradesman to attend your home
  • pay up to £500 (including VAT) for each emergency claim incident during the period of insurance, towards labour costs (including call out charges, materials and parts required to effect emergency repairs in your home)
We will only provide this cover if the emergency happens during the period of cover and it is caused by one or more of the following:
What's covered What's not
Electricity supply
Complete failure or breakdown of the electricity supply system within your home.

• Any failure in supplying electricity to the main fuse box of your home.
• Partial failure of the internal electricity supply or where only an intermittent fault exists.

Primary heating system
Complete failure or breakdown of either the heating and/or hot-water supply provided by the primary heating system.
If your boiler is beyond economical repair or replacement parts are no longer available, we will pay up to £500 (including VAT) towards the labour and parts to replace the boiler (applies to boilers under 12 years of age only).


• Central-heating fuel tanks.
• Any form of solar heating, under floor heating, warm air heating systems, LPG / gas oil systems and any non-domestic central heating boiler and associated system.
• Boilers not installed, serviced or repaired in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
• Claims for re-lighting boilers or resetting / adjusting the timing or temperature controls.
• Claims relating to boilers that are 12 years or older.
• Cost of repairing a boiler that is beyond economical repair.
• We will not re-attend a boiler repair until you have confirmed that a boiler, that has previously been deemed to be beyond economical repair, has been replaced.
• De-scaling or any work arising from hard water scale deposits.
• Replacing boilers, heaters, water tanks, hot water cylinders or radiators.
• Refilling the heating system with additives.
• Claims that are covered by a current manufacturer’s guarantee.
• The repair or replacement of flues (except for the first metre from the back of the boiler, which is considered to be part of the boiler itself).
Plumbing and drainage
Failure of, or damage to, the plumbing or drainage system.
This includes:
• burst pipes;
• overflowing water tanks;
• blocked waste outlets (including toilets); and
• blocked drains.

• Blocked drains not causing water damage inside your home.
• Unblocking a toilet if you have another functioning toilet in your home.
• Replacing water tanks, hot-water cylinders, radiators or sanitary ware.
• Water escape from internal plumbing where the water is escaping safely down a drain.
• Water escape from external plumbing that is not causing damage inside your home.
• Cesspits, septic tanks and associated fittings.
• Claims relating to plumbing or drainage where the pipes or drains are shared as part of a multi- occupancy property.
Gutters and down-pipes
The down-piping and guttering has either failed or been damaged.

• Blockage or water escape from outside your home that is not causing damage inside your home.
• Claims relating to gutters or down-pipes that are shared as part of a multi-occupancy property.
Security and glazing
Failure of, or damage to, outside locks, doors or windows which means that your home is no longer secure.

• Any matters relating to security alarms.
• Any deliberate damage caused by you.
• Damage caused by an authorised tradesman gaining access to your home.
• Claims relating to doors or glazing that are shared as part of a multi-occupancy property.
Damage to the roof of your home caused by adverse weather conditions or fallen trees.

• Flat, felt or thatched roofs, chimneys and facia boards.
• Claims relating to roofing that is shared as part of a multi-occupancy property.
If you need to remove rats, mice, cockroaches, and wasp’s or bee’s nests from your home (this does not apply to animals and insects already in your home before you bought this policy).

• Re-infestation where you have failed to follow our advice.
• Removal of wasp, bee or hornets nests from outbuildings.
Lost, stolen or damaged keys
Costs to replace door keys to your home if the only available set is lost, stolen or damaged. 

• Claims for stolen keys where you have not reported the theft to the police and obtained a crime reference number.

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