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Re-starting your business
guidance for motor trade businesses

With ongoing Covid restrictions across the UK your business may have needed to change the way it operates or even been closed for extended periods of time. 
Further to the 10 things to consider when re-starting your business, there is specific guidance for motor trade businesses.

Allianz Insurance - Restart your motor trade business guidance

Consider the following:

  • use of signage to highlight social distancing requirements
  • one way pedestrian systems for employee, customer and visitor movement around the premises
  • physical barriers / screens (at reception areas for example)
  • controls specific to vehicle sales, retail areas (showrooms, forecourts, auction halls etc.)
  • removal of touch points where practical (for example, decommissioning of any vending machines previously provided for customer use, removal of vehicle brochures and other publications ( which should be made available electronically if possible)
  • collection and delivery processes, including social distancing requirements and measures to avoid the need for signature request procedures specific to vehicle collection and delivery, completion of unaccompanied test drives etc.
  • review arrangements for cleaning and valeting customer and company vehicles. Consider enhanced or reduced cleaning / disinfection / sanitisation options, or possibly removing cleaning and valeting options for customers so as to reduce touch points for employees
  • undertake a thorough inspection of your site, including all buildings (interior and exterior), forecourt / vehicle display areas and compounds
covid-19 cleaning

Review arrangements for customer bookings (MOT, service and repair) and receiving / returning vehicles, including:

  • use of a pre-booking and an appointment system where instructions and specific timings are communicated by phone or electronically
  • designated parking provision
  • key drop and return procedures (into trays or zip-bags for example)
  • pre-agreed collection times for customers
  • electronic only payment transactions
  • use of disposable seat, steering wheel and floor covers that are removed by the last person to exit the vehicle and which should be safely disposed of
  • use of disposable gloves that are changed at regular intervals (post work on individual vehicles and before and after any test drive, for example)
  • avoiding the need for customers to gain internal access to buildings where possible. If access is required, social distancing rules will apply, with consideration also given to provision of screens to protect employees and visitors.
cleaning inside of car

The risk management information and guidance provided herein is not intended to be advice for any specific requirements.

Readers should seek further advice when dealing with their individual and particular situations. Allianz Insurance plc shall have no liability for any action taken as a result of and in reliance on the information contained in this document. The information contained in this document is correct at date of going to print and may be subject to change at any time.  All rights reserved